Photoshop Your Art into Styled Stock Images

Learn how to edit your art into stunning interior design stock images to increase sales and attract more followers.

Class starts Oct.1st! Registration closes Sept.28th

Save thousands of $$$ and time

No need to hire a product stylist and photographer. Save thousands of dollars by learning how to photoshop your art into styled stock photos. 

I once had a call with a product stylist. She gave me the rundown of how a professional shoot went. It would take about 6 weeks to set it all up and about $2,000 + the cost of making and shipping 12 framed art prints.

As a small business I couldn't invest $12,000+ a year (1 shoot a quarter) just to have beautiful images of my art!

So I used my 15 years of Photoshop experience and decided to virtually style my art into on-brand styled stock images. 

A peak into the class

Photoshop for artists masterclass - beginner friendly

P.S. Beginner friendly!

Don't worry if you've never used Photoshop before. I will walk you through the basics, and by the end of the course you'll be a Photoshop pro! ;)

Make it to scale

Show your collectors just how big or small your art is. I'll show you how you can scale your art so that it is an accurate representation of it's size.

Framed or Canvas

Create a quick frame or canvas right inside of Photoshop, or use a pre-made frame from some of my favorite resources.

Shadows & Lighting

Add in realistic shadows and adjust the lighting so your art matches the rest of the stock image

Foreground & Background

Once you're comfortable with the program I can show you how you can take your images even one step further by adding in foreground and background elements.

Practice Images & lessons

Practice stock images are included! All you need is photos of your art.

Plus, I have included several additional lessons to practice on a variety of photos.

. . . .All of this and more!

Who doesn't love bonuses?!

Photoshop Shortcuts

Improve your workflow with my Photoshop keyboard shortcut cheat sheet.

Favorite Resources

I'm sharing with you some of my favorite places to get high quality stock images and realistic frames.

Create Time-Saving Templates

I'll teach you how you can create your own templates so you can easily pop in your art in a matter of minutes.

Beta Member Special Bonus!

Photoshop your art into styled stock images- bonus access to pre-curated Adobe Stock Library

Access to Pre-Curated Adobe Stock Library

I have spent months hand selecting 500 of the best interior design images that Adobe Stock has available for purchase.

Beautiful images matter

Potenial collectors can't see or experience your art in person, which is why your photos need to on-point to show them that your art is exactly what they need in their home.

You're probably wondering....

What's included in the beta program?

As a beta member you will get all of the benefits out the program, lifetime accesss, all of the VIP bonuses, and provide valueable feedback to help make the course even better for future students.

When do I get access to the course?

You will have access to the entire course on Oct.1st!

I don't have Photoshop, can I use this class with a different program?

Unfortunately, you can't use these lessons with another program, but the good news is that Photoshop is really affordable (hint: about $10/month, and they have a free trial)! In the class I will show you which Adobe plan to sign up for to get the most out of your money.

What if I don't know how to use Photoshop?

Don't worry! I've got you! I will be walking you through the basics before we truly dive in. 

Plus each section is broken down into bite site learnable chunks. Pause as you need to and ask questions in the comments!

Meet your instructor

Hello! I’m Patricia Vargas, the artist, and owner of Parima Studio. I have taken my love for painting and have turned it into a successful career.  

Since opening in 2013, my artwork has been collected by interior design influencers, luxury hotels and homeowners all around the world. My work has been seen in both online and printed publications such as Better Homes & Gardens, Domino Magazine, HGTV Magazine, Design*Sponge, Dwell, and Apartment Therapy to name a few. I’ve also collaborated with national brands like Anthropologie, and more recently have gotten into tv, media, and film.

Meet your instructor - Patricia Vargas of Parima Studio - Photoshop your art into styled stock images course

Price will increase!

As a beta member you will get this course at 50% off for only $39.50. 

Once the program launches to the public price will increase!